Bronx residents mark 7th anniversary of 9/11

Bronx residents joined the rest of the nation in honoring those who lost their lives Sept. 11 on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks.
At the 49th Precinct, police officers paid tribute to those colleagues lost on 9/11 with a roll call. At a firehouse in Tremont, where eight fellow firefighters were lost seven years ago, a memorial wreath hung outside to honor the fallen.
At Lehman College, students also gathered to pay tribute. "It's easy to think the world is fine," says Erica Matthews, of Lehman College. "We just want to make sure that no one forgets and the students know the significance of loving and supporting your country."
To see the entire Sept. 11 Ground Zero ceremony, go to iO Extra, Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box.Click here for 9/11 ceremony in a Bronx firehouse