Bronx Zoo cancels lights show for eco-friendly event

The Bronx Zoo has canceled its annual holiday lights show after hosting the celebration for 10 years in an effort to ?go green.?
According to Linda Corcoran, the Assistant Director of Communications at the Bronx Zoo, the decision to change the holiday celebration was inspired by Mayor Michael Bloomberg?s green initiative, which asks New Yorkers to make small changes in their lives to help the environment.
Zoo officials say the lights show uses over eight miles of lights in the display, which gives off a carbon footprint equal to the annual emissions of a three-person household.
Though some Bronx residents speculate that the zoo canceled the show to avoid paying for the electricity at a time of financial cutbacks, the zoo says the holiday celebration, ?Wild Winterland,? will be bigger and better than before.
The new event provides visitors with afternoon access to all of the traditional animals, as well as reindeer and Clydesdale horses. There will also be performances and craft workshops where kids can make eco-friendly tree ornaments.