CDC: Coronavirus affected Black, Hispanic, Native American children disproportionately

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to put the issue of racial disparities in the spotlight.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a national report looking into contributing factors associated with 121 coronavirus-related deaths in people under the age of 21.
Of those, 17% were white, 45% were Hispanic, 29% were Black, and 4% were American Indian or Alaska Native.
They accounted for approximately 78% of reported deaths but only represent 41% of the country's population.
Wilbur Aldridge, with the Westchester NAACP, says he's unfortunately not surprised by the CDC's findings.
"There's very big disparities in the availability of health care for minority people. Many illnesses that they have go untreated or are not treated until they become very severe," he says.
Aldridge says the wealth gap contributed to this striking disparity too.
"The conditions under which people live and the fact that minorities amongst all people have the greatest degree of secondary illnesses," he says,
The CDC reported of the 121 children and young people who died, 75% had an underlying medical condition.