Child abduction attempted on Montgomery family's driveway

(09/14/06) MONTGOMERY - Two men in a white van attempted to abduct two Montgomery children right out of their driveway, police said Thursday.
The two children, an 11-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl, were taking the garbage out to the curb when, police say, two men in a white van approached them. Police described both men as dark skinned and say the van had a ladder rack on its top and the letter ?C? painted on its side. The mother of the children says she looked out the window of her Beaver Dam Road home to see her daughter pinned up against the garbage can. She says the men shouted at the children to get into the van, or they would be shot. The children ran back up the driveway and their mother immediately phoned 911.
Montgomery police say they are searching for the van and have no suspects yet. They ask that any information on the whereabouts of the men or their vehicle be reported at 457-9211.