Children make quilts in honor of MLK Jr. Day

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day just around the corner, kids in Riverdale spent their Saturday doing arts and crafts to learn about African-American history.
The children quilted, just like escaped slaves did along the Underground Railroad on their way to freedom. They even stitched the same symbols, such as a log cabin, which people used to tell slaves that they had arrived at a safe house where they could stay for the night.
The markings were also used along the Underground Railroad so people who were trying to find freedom could communicate with one other and tell their stories. A crossroads symbol meant "meet me at the crossroads" and a flying geese symbol meant that you were on your way north to freedom.
Kids and parents say that learning about the Underground Railroad is extremely important, and that doing it in a creative way makes it fun.
The children all got to take home their quilts afterward.