City Council examines changes made at agencies in charge of protecting BX kids

Members of the City Council grilled the agencies in charge of protecting kids in the Bronx and city Tuesday about whether progress has been made in implementing changes. Members of the New York City Council questioned the Department of Education (DOE) and the Administration for Children?s Services (ACS) for hours. They are demanding to know what progress has been made between the two agencies on catching cases of child abuse. The two agencies have been working together since January in an effort to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, like in the case of Nixmary Brown of Bed-Stuy. Brown, 7, was allegedly killed by her stepfather.
City Council members say they have been disappointed with the performance of both agencies and are introducing a bill that would make the agencies accountable to the City Council. The DOE and ACS say they have set up a hotline so teachers and principals can call if they suspect abuse. Also, all workers that requested cell phones have received them. Meantime, Mayor Bloomberg appointed Jennifer Jones Austin to the position of family services coordinator. Her job will be to oversee the communication between social services agencies.