Clarkstown police bust three in pickpocket scam

Clarkstown police busted three people in connection with a pickpocket scam that spread across two counties Friday.
Police say two women would distract a female shopper at a mall while she was packing up her car by telling her that they witnessed her vehicle being struck. Then, police say a male would steal credit cards from the victim?s purse while she wasn?t looking. In the last two weeks, eight women have reported being scammed by the trio.
The first robbery took place at Woodbury Commons and another at a Monroe Wal-Mart, where the suspects charge more than $5,000 on the stolen credit cards. Clarkstown police nabbed the three coming out of Target at the Palisade Center.
Rockland County police charged them with criminal possession and second-degree forgery but officials in Orange County say they are charging the suspects with fourth-degree grand larceny.