Convicted sex offender files $3M lawsuit against Ramapo Police Department

A man who is a husband, father and a convicted sex offender has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the Ramapo Police Department.
Keith Meyers says he was driving his daughter to school on Hungry Hollow Road last June when he saw a co-worker and asked if she needed a ride. A police officer, who was driving behind him, then told the co-worker that a sexual assault had recently taken place in the area and that her friend was a convicted sex offender. Meyers says under Megan?s Law there is a section discussing unauthorized disclosure of such information and that is the basis of his lawsuit.
Meyers believes he was set up in 1998 to accept a package with child porn. He says he was never officially classified as a sex offender for the misdemeanor and doesn't believe he is in any database. He says this lawsuit is his way of fighting for his rights. The Ramapo town attorney says the department believes the police lawsuit will be dismissed during the course of litigation.