Couple to ring in 2007 with wedding bands returned by Yonkers good Samaritan

A twinkling object caught Vivian Miotto?s eye on a Christmas Eve walk, but it wasn?t until Friday that the two lost wedding bands she found were returned to an ecstatic couple.Miotto was walking along Lockwood Avenue in Yonkers when she spotted the rings. The two golden bands were interlocking and had an unusual inscription. Aided by her son, Marc, the Miottos tried to find the rings? owner. They placed an ad in the paper, then called News 12 Westchester to publicize the story.Shortly thereafter, Rafael Urbina?s friend called to tell him the Christmas engagement rings Urbina planned to give his girlfriend Yahaira were found. Marc Miotto met with Urbina at the Saw Mill Market to return the rings.Miotto says both he and his mother are very happy the rings made their way back to the couple.