Judge: Rockland County's NYC migrant restraining order to remain in effect

The county argues that NYC was trying to turn the Armoni Inn-and-Suites into a shelter, which violates local zoning laws.

Diane Caruso and Bob Doda

May 30, 2023, 9:59 AM

Updated 364 days ago


A temporary restraining order that prevents New York City from sending migrants to Rockland County will remain in effect for the time being.
After a hearing Tuesday afternoon, state Supreme Court Judge Thomas Zugibe extended the temporary restraining order until June 14.
During the proceedings in New City, Judge Zugibe also scheduled a virtual hearing for Thursday on attempts by the Armoni Inn & Suites to reopen.
News 12 reported earlier this month that Rockland government leaders learned that 340 migrant men were expected to be bused to the Orangeburg hotel. It closed because they did not a have new permit to operate as a hotel.
Judge Zugibe wants to hear about the health and safety status of the hotel and said he expects the county to get an “updated inspection” of the premises.
There will be another hearing in state Supreme Court on Wednesday regarding Orangetown’s efforts to prevent the hotel from being used to house migrants bused from New York City.


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