Critics losing patience while Entergy investigates radioactive leaks at Indian Point

Entergy is trying to win over public support concerning the radioactive contamination of the ground water at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant but critics of the plant are losing their patience.
A leak was found last fall from the spent fuel pool for Indian Point Two. Since the leak was discovered, test wells have been dug around and inside the plant to determine where the contamination is located underground. Tests since then have found the elements tritium and strontium 90 in ground water under the plants. Entergy officials say they are committed to a cleanup, however, the company's experts believe the contamination could pre-date their purchase from Con Edison in 2001.
County Executive Andy Spano's Chief Advisor Susan Tolchin tells News 12 Westchester it makes no difference who owned Indian Point when the leaks began. Tolchin does say she is pleased Entergy is working aggressively to get to the bottom of the contamination. Entergy officials say the entire cleanup could take years.
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