Critics question Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles in Kiryas Joel land deal

Critics are questioning the motives of Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles over a controversial proposal to split from the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel.
The Village of Kiryas Joel is looking to take 500 acres of mostly undeveloped land from Monroe, but the highly criticized proposal has been stalled for months while under state review.
The Town of Monroe announced plans to withdraw its dispute of lead agency Monday when Doles presented his plan to split from Kiryas Joel.
News 12 obtained a copy of the resolution from Council Member Dan Burke, which outlines what would have been a second seemingly unknown condition for the split.
The provisos read that the village would initiate splitting from the Town of Monroe if the town withdrew its lead agency petition, should the approval of annexation happen.
Doles presented the second condition on Monday by saying "that the approval of the annexation, if and only if it happens, it's being acknowledged that neither board may properly make a decision regarding the annexation until the completion of the environmental review."
Doles has not returned calls for further information, and now some critics are skeptical of the board's intentions.
Doles' proposal was shelved in a split-decision for a second public meeting with Kiryas Joel officials. Burke says it's not clear whether the agreement with Kiryas Joel is still on the table.