CVS removes purchase limits on emergency contraception

CVS is removing the purchase limit it had put on emergency contraceptive pills following last week's Supreme Court ruling.
CVS along with Rite Aid and Amazon all put limits on the number of Plan B pills people could buy. It was three per transaction, but people can now purchase as many as they want.
"The limit is definitely understandable but the lifting is also I think reassuring for women of all reproductive ages because it's a scary time for us for all of us," says Jennifer Maucere, of Bohemia. "It's very concerning."
CVS implemented that limitation due to an increase in demand for the pills after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.
CVS says it initially put the limit in place to "ensure equitable access and consistent supply on store shelves."
The pharmacy chain says there was a spike in sales of the Plan B pill, but now that has stabilized.
CVS released a statement saying, ""Sales have since returned to normal and we've removed purchase limits in-store and on We continue to have ample supply of emergency contraceptives to meet customer needs."
According to health officials, the emergency contraception pills do not cause an abortion and prevent pregnancy from occurring in the first place.