DA: Assault charge to be dismissed if accused officer resigns, doesn't take a law enforcement job

Daniel Traum-Steinberg, 30, was accused of body slamming a suspect and charged with assault and official misconduct.

Lee Danuff and Veronica Jean Seltzer

Jun 8, 2023, 9:25 PM

Updated 349 days ago


Assault and misconduct charges against a Wallkill Town police officer will be dismissed if he resigns and doesn't look for work as a police officer in Orange County for five years, the DA says.
Daniel Traum-Steinberg, 30, was charged with assault and official misconduct.
Authorities say video showed the officer body slamming a handcuffed suspect to the ground during a disturbance call in the parking lot of Garnet Health in 2020. The altercation reportedly happened after the man in custody appeared to cough on the officer.
The DA's office says facts of the case and Traum-Steinberg's resignation will remain unsealed and available to any future police departments he tries to get a job with.

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