Dennis Sica and John Rohlman, of Dutchess County, arrested for allegedly selling deadly 'Breaking Bad' form of heroin

Two Dutchess County men are under arrest for allegedly selling a deadly form of heroin that caused the deaths of three people.
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says the heroin, called "Breaking Bad," was laced with the powerful drug Fentanyl. Bharara says Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Dennis Sica and John Rohlman are accused of selling the deadly heroin that killed 20-year-old Anthony Delello, 31-year-old Thomas Miller and 35-year-old Laura Brown.
Prosecutors say even after the deaths, Sica and Rohlman continued dealing the heroin at a rate of 250 grams per day.
Dutchess County District Attorney William Grady says he called in the federal government in this case because he believes state drug laws are too weak.