Detective testifies about murder weapon in Galleria Mall trial

A White Plains detective testified Tuesday in the Galleria Mall trial that the defendant, Phillip Grant, told police where he discarded the murder weapon.
Detective Michael Maffei testified that Grant, who is accused of fatally stabbing Connie Russo Carriero, led police to an alley way on Court Street where they found a knife and shirt. Prosecutors say Grant stabbed the victim in the Galleria Mall parking garage because she was white. Grant?s attorney, however, maintains that his client?s fingerprints are not on the murder weapon.
Maffei and the lead detective also told the jury that they believe Grant understood what was happening during questioning. Grant?s attorney says his client did not understand his rights when he made a videotaped confession.
Grant, a convicted sex offender, is charged with murder as a hate crime.
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