Disabled commuters left stranded at Burnside Avenue station

Some Bronx straphangers complain the Burnside Avenue station for the 4 train is inaccessible to the handicapped and commuters with strollers.
A disabled traveler says it's difficult to make it up the steps to the platform because the station has no escalators or elevators. Disabled commuters also argue the station floods with more straphangers during the rush hour, adding to their struggle.
Community Board 5 has been battling the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for years about the issue. District Manager Xavier Rodriguez, who is an official with the board, says 20 years ago, the MTA left the Burnside Avenue station out of its plan for handicapped accessible stations. A letter writing campaign persuaded the MTA to commit to changes at the station. However, Rodriguez says they're still waiting for the MTA to include the project in its budget.