Doctors offer tips to avoid mosquito bites, illnesses during National Mosquito Awareness Week

The start of summer brings nice weather and fun, but it also means those pesky mosquitoes will be lurking.
As part of National Mosquito Awareness Week, experts are offering some helpful tips. They say open water sources are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. Malaria and yellow fever are just some of the diseases experts say mosquitoes can carry.
Dr. Loris Omesh Drepaul, of Perry Avenue Medical Center, says if you are traveling to Africa or the Caribbean where diseases like malaria and yellow fever are more prevalent, you should start a preventative round of treatment before leaving.
And to avoid bites, experts say clear backyards of tires or any container that holds water. They say to also wear loose-fitting clothes and long sleeves. Lastly, make sure to spray yourself with insect repellent.