More than 100 rescue animals land in Westchester on the way to forever homes

More than 100 dogs and cats from Puerto Rico landed in Westchester Thursday on their way to new forever homes.
On the streets of Puerto Rico, there are an estimated 500,000 satos - stray dogs - on an island the size of Connecticut.
"We need to take care of each other whether you're two-legged or four-legged, right?" said a woman with a rescue agency picking up some of the dogs.
That's what The Sato Project has been doing for 12 years, rescuing the street dogs and socializing them until they can be flown to the U.S. to loving homes.
"Before, they're street dogs. Nobody really cared. Now, once we fly them here, they get so much love and attention. It's unbelievable," said Bobby Beckles, a Sato Project board member.
Dozens of cars lined up at the Westchester County Airport, ready to take them.
"They drive from Maine. Some of them drive, even, from other sides of this country," said Simone Norman, Sato Project communications manager.
It's a long journey behind the scenes for dogs and humans.
"One of the planes had a malfunction, so she had to unload the plane, wait, find another plane, reload the plane," Beckles said, explaining what his wife, Chrissy, founder of The Sato Project, had to do during the day.
The project has rescued over 8,000 dogs in its 12 years. This is the last flight of the year.
"When you look at where they come from and where they end up, it's very fulfilling," explained another rescue agency worker.
If you'd like to feel some of that same fulfillment, donations to the project are being matched dollar for dollar until the end of the year.