Domestic violence in spotlight after teen set on fire in Mt. Vernon

A teenager is fighting to recover from injuries suffered after her boyfriend allegedly set her on fire in his Mount Vernon home Sunday.According to police, 20-year-old Master Dobson and his 18-year-old girlfriend were arguing at his apartment when he poured rubbing alcohol on her and lit her on fire. Neighbors in the area say they were shocked when they heard the news. The vicious act of violence is serving as a warning to others in troubled relationships. Jim Bostic, who serves as chairman of the Violence and Gang Prevention Coalition in Yonkers, says these sort of domestic violence disputes don't just happen. He says there are usually signs. Bostic says there are services available for those in abusive relationships, but says victims need to ask for help. The victim is being treated at Westchester Medical Center. Dobson is currently behind bars and his arraignment is scheduled for Monday.Related Information