Drought impacts Hudson Valley apple picking season

Outhouse Orchards had News 12s Nadia Galindo take a tour of the 100-plus acre farm, located in North Salem to show how the drought is impacting crops.

Nadia Galindo

Sep 1, 2022, 10:06 PM

Updated 630 days ago


Apple farms across the Hudson Valley have taken a hit amid the ongoing drought.
"You can expect the apples this year maybe to be a little bit smaller than in years past," said Kaela Outhouse, of Outhouse Orchards.
Outhouse Orchards had News 12's Nadia Galindo take a tour of the 100-plus acre farm, located in North Salem, to explain how the drought is impacting crops.
She said the third-generation farm has had to install an extensive and costly drip irrigation system.
Trees planted this year have been severely impacted.
"These are the younger trees have a small root system its very surface level so you need to be water them every day so they continue to thrive," she said.
There is a silver lining - apples are sweeter this season.
"This is because with the lack of water the apples are little bit less diluted so the sugar concentration will be higher giving them that sweetness," Outhouse said.
Views from the farm of northern Westchester hills show patches of brown in the tree line which is due to the lack of rain.
"When they don't get enough water they will yellow and brown that's what you are seeing," said Outhouse. "That's actually the tree dying."
Despite the drought, Outhouse said it is expecting a fruitful picking season.
The farm also has peaches and pears ripe for the picking.
Outhouse Orchards officially opens apple picking Labor Day weekend.
Online reservations can be made here.

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