Eligible residents step up to get COVID-19 vaccine in Rockland County

People are stepping up to get COVID-19 vaccines in Rockland County as they become eligible.
Melissa Sorce-Denicola, of the Sorce Funeral home, fought and beat breast cancer a few decades ago and armed herself recently with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Montefiore Nyack.
"What we went through in the height of the spring in the pandemic, I never want to see again. And I'll do whatever I can," she says.
COVID-19 impacted funeral homes particularly hard.
"It was horrible. We had a refrigerated truck in our parking lot for over 18 weeks. Families that.. We couldn't even console them as best as we could. Families were dying at the same time.. Sometimes days apart. And I never want to see that again," she says.
Juliana Feeny, a Valley Cottage Ambulance Corp EMT, also rolled up her sleeve on Monday for the vaccine.
"It doesn't hurt, and if everyone gets vaccinated then we can go back to being normal again," she says.
Both women joined about 900 people to get vaccinated at Montefiore Nyack since vaccinations began there a few weeks ago.
Both hope others will do the same when their time comes.
"Do it, not only for yourself. But for the people around you who you love," says Sorce-Denicola.
The state's Department of Health says medical examiners, coroners and funeral home workers who are exposed to infectious materials or bodily fluids are eligible to get the vaccine in this current group.