Ethan Jimenez-Colon, of West Nyack, accused of attempting to burn down Lukens House group home

A resident of the Lukens House in West Nyack is facing a slew of charges, including 13 counts of attempted murder for trying to set the group home on fire.
Police say Ethan Jimenez-Colon snuck into a fellow resident's window and violently tried to rape her. The next day, he allegedly came back to the woman's bedroom and attacked again. Police say he choked her and sexually assaulted her.
Only moments later, investigators believe Jimenez-Colon tried to burn the home down with 10 residents and three staff members inside. According to the Rockland District Attorney, he made his way to the kitchen and turned on all the stove tops and lit the oven, in an apparent attempt to cause a fire.
Lukens House aims to help people struggling with drug addictions or coping with mental health issues.
If convicted, Jimenez-Colon could face up to 25 years in prison.