Facebook group helps families in need get 'adopted' for holidays

There's a growing effort on 'Giving Tuesday' to help make Christmas special for countless children whose parents are struggling with unemployment during the pandemic.
Jamie Pratt, who runs a Facebook unemployment support group called Unemployed Action, is helping a growing number of families in need to get "adopted" for the holidays, so someone can help pay for gifts or food for children
One of the recipients is Angela Storm, from Middletown.
"If I could even have dinner for my family, it would mean so much," said Storm.
Storm lost her job at the start of the pandemic and makes less than $200 a week on unemployment with three kids.
There are currently 225 families that have signed up for help with food and gifts for children. So far, only 16 people have registered to adopt one of those families.
"We have some families just asking for gift cards for food. A $50 gift card to the grocery store would make these families' holiday season," says Pratt.
The unemployment rate in New York is close to 7% this holiday season, making the sentiment behind this Giving Tuesday perhaps more important than ever before.