Fallen tree limbs knock out power in Chappaqua

Hundreds were without power in Chappaqua on Christmas due to fallen trees and power lines.
News 12’s Johnathan Gordon was on the scene where neighbors were using generators to keep their holiday spirits bright.
Chappaqua resident Nili recalls the wind being awful, saying in part. “I’ve never remembered strong winds like that.”
The high winds knocked power out to thousands of residents across the region.
Arlo Latin, of Chappaqua, says their generator saved Christmas for his family, but playfully blames the ordeal on Santa. “I think it was after Santa came,” says Latin. “After we heard the reindeer on the roof so maybe around 2, 3 in the morning.”
One Pleasantville resident shared photos with News 12 of a trampoline on their home. It’s serves as proof of how strong the Christmas Eve storm really was.
Utility crews say they are working hard to restore power to those affected.