Florida Union School District trying to arbitrate opposing groups over superintendent's resignation

A board meeting on the matter was held at S.S. Seward Institute Thursday night.

News 12 Staff

Nov 18, 2022, 3:25 AM

Updated 546 days ago


Officials with the Florida Union School District are trying to referee a heated fight between two activist groups that has enveloped the community.
The dispute is happening just as Superintendent Larry Leaven is resigning.
A board meeting on the matter was held at S.S. Seward Institute Thursday night.
One group is celebrating Leaven's resignation, saying he's too ideological.
The other group supports Leaven and is upset with the school board. They're worry this feud is going lead to more tension among students.
"These bigoted adults are acting like children," said Bee Califf, a recent S.S. Seward Institute graduate. Califf is disappointed with the activist group, Moms For Liberty.
Califf, who's with the opposing group, Defense of Femocracy, said the attacks against Leaven are not doing anyone any good.
"It teaches the bigoted students here they're allowed to think like this and act like this," Califf said.
Stephanie Kowalsky is not affiliated with Moms For Liberty, but does believe Leaven had a hateful agenda. Kowalsky said Leaven's past social media were too political and that he shouldn't be overly loud about his sexual orientation as he is openly gay.
"I just don't think it's anything we need to know. I might introduce myself and say, 'Hi, I'm a mom of two kids and I'm straight and I like men.' It's not politically correct or appropriate in conversation," Kowalsky said.
Board members, some who are being accused of siding with Moms For Liberty, are trying to bring down the temperature of the community-wide fight over leadership.
Moms For Liberty celebrated Leaven's resignation in a Facebook post, but there's no direct indication that he's resigning because of this fight that is clearly not over.

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