Former rock-and-roller John Hall goes to Washington

Former rock-and-roller turned congressman-elect, John Hall, literally burst into song at his acceptance speech for the 19th Congressional District.
Hall beat out longtime Republican Congresswoman Sue Kelly (R-Katonah) and thanked all his friends from the music world who helped raise money and propel him to victory. Hall was so elated he starting singing at his victory party. However, Kelly said in a news conference Wednesday she would not concede the race until all the votes are counted. It is believed there are somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 absentee ballots that still need to be counted. Votes from several precincts, in the five counties making up the district, are not yet officially known.
Kelly still has a mathematical chance of winning and she wants all of those votes counted. Hall?s campaign spokesperson says he believes there is no way Kelly can win. He says the division in absentee ballots generally follows the pattern found in voting at the polls. The official re-canvass of the votes is expected to be finished by next week. However, even Kelly campaign workers admit although the numbers might change a bit, the outcome probably won?t.
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