Goshen couple in legal trouble make new lawn signs targeting neighbor

Goshen is known for its quiet, country charm and so, a unique display at a house on Knoell Road sticks out like a sore thumb. 
Homeowners Erick Flores and his wife, Gabby Aybar, spoke to News 12 last month about their signs that are allegedly aimed at their neighbor, after the couple said she falsely reported animal abuse and Flores was charged.
“You’re allowed to express yourself. Freedom of speech,” said Flores. 
Their neighbor denies any involvement in Flores' legal trouble and the couple were given 20 days to remove the signs by the town. Officials say the signs were taken down by police Nov. 22. 
As of Tuesday, new signs now are mixed in with holiday decorations. The words “deez [expletive]” are written on the couple’s mailbox and on several signs. Other signs reference lawsuits, “evil monkeys” and seemingly refer to their very public dispute as a Netflix series. 
The couple declined to comment about the new signs. 
Authorities say criminal cases against both Flores and Aybar are pending, including charges Aybar faces after officials say she was fined 40 times for playing loud music to annoy their neighbor over the summer. 
Town officials say the signs are a nuisance and a traffic hazard. They say the couple now face fines up to $500 for each sign removed.