Goshen farmer Brian Pawelski donates onions to Maine students after crop was stolen

An Orange County farmer is shipping dozens of onions to students in Maine after their crops were stolen from their school garden.
Last year's fifth-graders at the Albert S. Hall School in Waterville, Maine planted crops before summer break. But, when the crop began harvesting, the students found that 100 or so onions were gone.
Brian Pawelski and his family have been farming in Goshen for generations. When he heard of the onion theft, he decided to share some of his own.
Pawelski says the weather has cooperated and made this a good year for growing onions.
Teacher Mary Dunn says onion farmers like Pawelski are now shipping hundreds of pounds of onions to the school, which serves as an opportunity to teach the children about helping others.
Dunn says the theft is particularly hurtful because some of the produce was going to go to a homeless shelter.