Goshen police say they recognized alleged Montgomery animal abuser, leading to arrest

Goshen officials say they assisted Montgomery police with an arrest in connection to alleged animal abuse after recognizing the suspect.
Briant Carter, 56, was arrested Wednesday for animal cruelty following a surveillance video that went viral online.
"I realized I had an interaction with the individual and vehicle on Dec. 27,” says officer Cody Hunt of Goshen village police.
Hunt says he was able to confirm Carter’s identity, which then led to the arrest.
The suspect was arrested on Sunday for criminal possession of a weapon and driving without a license – the day before the video was taken. Carter is now accused of violently dumping off his dogs outside of the Walden Humane Society.
Marissa Owens, of Walden Humane Society, says the mother showed signs of being pregnant. 
"He ended up selling the puppies and then had no use for these guys and dumped them,” says Owens.
Carter was released after both arrests on appearance tickets under the state's bail reform and is now due back on multiple charges in two different courts.
In the meantime, the dogs that were allegedly left behind by Carter have been named Valerie and Augustus by rescuers are receiving proper medical care.
Rescuers say the dogs will be adopted as soon as they get the green light from police. It’s their hope to keep the dogs together whenever they find a forever home.