Gov. Cuomo announces NY's new vaccine rollout plan to start Monday

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday that the state's new vaccine rollout plan will begin as soon as Monday.
Public health care workers in outpatient settings like in doctors' offices are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.
East Meadow pediatrician Dr. John Zaso says his employees can now get vaccinated.
The CDC says after this round, the next in line for the vaccine will be grocery store employees, teachers, first responders and those 75 and older.
Paul Cartier, a volunteer for the South Hempstead Fire Department, signed up to get the COVID-19 vaccine last Wednesday.
Cartier tested positive, though, for COVID-19 - so now he has to wait to get better before getting the vaccine.
Dr. Mark Jarrett, the chief quality officer at Northwell Health, says after front line workers get vaccinated - other essential workers including those in construction and transportation will be next.
He predicts that most of the general public who want the vaccine can get it by the end of June.
Health professionals say even though people are being vaccinated we still need to maintain social distancing and hand washing well past June until we reached herd immunity.