Government workers in Orange County brace for possibility of layoffs to close budget gap

Government workers in Orange County are bracing for the possibility of hundreds of layoffs to close a multimillion-dollar budget gap.
Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus says the county is facing a nearly $60 million budget gap. He says that without raising taxes, half of that money will come from cutbacks and the other from slashing jobs.
While the fiscal crisis unfolds, Neuhaus says the county is moving forward with privatizing and selling the cash-strapped Valley View Nursing Home. The sale could take awhile, however, since a recent court decision overruled the county's plans.
While workers did not want to talk to News 12 about the potential layoffs, a spokeswoman for the Civil Service Employees Association said cutting jobs is not the way to balance the budget.
Neuhaus' proposed budget for next year will be announced in October. His cost-saving plans also include renegotiating contracts and cutting out bonuses.
He says the cuts will be across the board, and that department heads are currently reviewing which jobs could be cut with the least impact to services.