Greenburgh PD sex scandal comes down to the tale of the tapes

The Greenburgh P.D. dominatrix sex scandal may soon come down to the tale of the tapes.
Gina AnnaNoel Pane claims officers sexually harassed her following her arrest in January. Pane was arrested for DWI and possession of marijuana. She claims after officers discovered she worked as a dominatrix, she was harassed in her holding cell. Pane also alleges she met up with Officer Erik Ward for a kinky sex act in exchange for her charges being dropped. Ward was charged with official misconduct in that incident.
Prosecutors say they have video and audio tapes and Pane?s attorneys are asking the judge to have those turned over in the criminal case. Pane?s attorneys say the tapes will prove the harassment at the hands of Greenburgh police officers and the following meeting between Pane and Ward. The judge says she'll make her decision on whether the tapes can be used by November 21.
Pane?s attorneys say they want the criminal charges out of the way before they go forward with a $2 million civil suit against the department and Ward.
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