High winds knock down trees onto power lines, leaving some in Yorktown in the dark

Downed power lines cut off electricity to more than 1,000 plus customers.

News 12 Staff

Feb 4, 2023, 1:31 AM

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Some Yorktown residents are having a difficult time during this cold snap because their power is out, and it might not be restored until Saturday morning.
The wind on Friday caused several trees to come down into wires and poles. The downed trees closed several roads in the area.
Compond Road just east of the Taconic Parkway was one of many roads that was blocked for several hours because of downed power lines.
Downed power lines cut off electricity to more than 1,000 plus customers.
The downed trees were also problematic for drivers.
Bus driver Tom Madden was trying to get to Cortlandt Town Center but kept coming across roads that were blocked by downed trees and power lines.
His one passenger, Mark Thompson, was on his way to work for his overnight shift but instead had a long, roundabout trip that would usually take a few minutes.
"It's like an hour now," Thompson said Friday night.
Yorktown officials went on live on Facebook to run through the road closures. Yorktown Town Supervisor Thomas Diana asked anyone who thought about moving trees and wires to reconsider that action.
"Do not attempt to touch any live wires. They can all be conductors, even if you think, 'I'm going to clear this tree and help out,'" Diana said.
Madden said each closure cost him a large chunk of time. Maneuvering the bus late at night was not easy. He said he just could not do a K-turn like everyone else.
"I don't want to do that. It's too dark. I have to wait and see what happens, you know?" Madden said.
As for the 1,400 plus households without power in the area, impacted residents were advised to head to the Yorktown Community Center to warm up.
Con Edison, who serves close to 500 of the impacted customers, said power would not be restored until Saturday 6 a.m.

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