Holiday travel prices soar amid inflation and pandemic aftermath

Lauren Due was at the Newark airport to break down the prices for this holiday season.

News 12 Staff

Dec 8, 2022, 11:02 AM

Updated 527 days ago


Prices for holiday travel are sharply increasing due to inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Lauren Due was at Newark Liberty International Airport to break down the prices for this holiday season.
According to Nerd Wallet, holiday getaway prices have fluctuated significantly since the pre-pandemic period of 2019. For example, airfare costs are up 9%, and lodging is up 12%. Both of those numbers were down in 2020 but rebounding even higher. Food is also up 19%, and entertainment is up 11%.
For a family of four to go to Orlando it would cost around $4,000 in addition to food and tickets to Disney or Universal.
A road trip to Vermont, and a week stay is around $1,500, not including the costs of ski lift tickets, food and gas.
Traveling out of Miami to the Bahamas could be around $5,000 including food.
Despite the prices, Newark Liberty was filled with a steady number of travelers looking forward to the holidays.
Mikah and Jordan from Alabama say traveling is well worth the cost.
“Our round trip was like $600 per plane ticket and probably another grand for the hotel. So almost at $2,000 and then we probably spent another $2,000 in the city,” they said. “Close to the holidays, it kind of hits us, but it was worth it.”

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