Hudson River water plan leaves bad taste in residents' mouths

A proposal to obtain drinking water from the Hudson River has left some Rockland residents with a bad taste in their mouths.
United Water wants to build a $79 million desalination plant that would treat water from the river as a long-term water solution for customers. With the new advances in water-treatment technology, United Water's Richard Henning says it's a proven, safe choice. Henning adds the Hudson River provides an abundant supply of water that does not require frequent replenishment by Mother Nature, unlike wells and reservoirs.Some say they worry pollutants in the river would pose a serious public health threat. On Tuesday it was revealed that some fish in the Hudson River tested positive for a radioactive substance. The environmental group Riverkeeper also has reservations about the plant project. Members say conservation of the water supply should be a bigger issue instead of finding new sources. If United Water's plan gets approved, Rockland customers could be drinking Hudson River water by the end of 2015.
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