Hudson Valley homeowners, businesses left to contain mold in aftermath of flooding

Homeowners, business owners and people who live in apartments throughout the Hudson Valley are now trying to handle the mold contamination that the flooding left behind.
Laura Champagne, co-owner of Natural Home Solutions, says the first sign of mold contamination is a particular smell in a place that was flooded, such as a basement.
She warns that mold releases spores and that's how it reproduces. Those who could breathe in the spores will see that it will aggravate their lungs. She also warns that mold can travel around and can reproduce additional spores.
Those traveling spores can also cause health problems, especially in those with breathing conditions like asthma and allergies.
Champagne says that one can stop mold from growing freely and from spreading. She recommends running a dehumidifier and an oscillating fan in the opposite corner to keep the air moving.
Champagne also advises controlling one's water source to lessen the spread of mold. She urges though that one call a professional because some techniques just lessen the mold and don't put a stop to it.