Hundreds flock to New City to watch solar eclipse

Hundreds of spectators watched the partial solar eclipse in New City on Monday afternoon.
Many people stood on the lawn of the New City Library as the moon blotted out the midday sun.
Library officials say they ordered 200 pairs of special viewing glasses, but got so many calls before the event at the last minute that they ordered 100 more.
"The library is all about a place to learn more about new things and I think being the center for learning really matters to us. So being able to be included in what might be a once in a lifetime experience for many people is pretty important," said Veronica Reynolds, of the New City Library. 
Some people arrived two hours before the event to stand in line and make sure they got a pair of solar glasses. The library gave out one per household and quickly ran out. Others came with their own ways to witness history, like building a solar eclipse viewer out of a cereal box and tin foil.
Those who wanted to beat the heat watched the coverage inside the library.