'I'm not asking for a bailout.' Poughkeepsie mayor seeks financial assistance from federal government

Mayor Rob Rolison says the city of Poughkeepsie isn’t looking for a handout, they need actual financial assistance.
“I’m not asking for a bailout. I’m not asking for a handout. I’m asking for help, we are asking for help,” says Rolison.
Like many other officials, Rolison has been seeking assistance from the federal government in recent months.
News 12 is told the approved 2021 budget includes a hopeful $1 million in funding from Washington.
However, state and local aid don’t appear to be included in the upcoming relief package due to Republican pushback.
Mayor Rolison doesn’t seem to agree with the decision, saying in part, “I’m really disappointed that we did not see that. Because no one is asking for more than what they need,” says Rolison.
He also tells News 12 there are plans to turn the city's finances around. “We’ve kept track of everything that we’ve spent related to COVID. We’ve kept track of all the revenue lost because of COVID. We can make the case,” says Rolison. “We just need to be able to make that case.”
With the new year on the horizon, Rolison seems optimistic that a new federal administration will bring the help Poughkeepsie needs.