Indian Point leak sparks fears of Hudson River contamination

The owner of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is searching for the source of radioactive contamination that has leaked into the ground water Wednesday.
Wells dug in and around the plants in Buchanan indicate the contamination might be moving towards the Hudson River. Because of the leak, the ground water is contaminated with small amounts of tritium, which is considered one of the least dangerous radioactive substances. The leak was first discovered in the fall, and Entergy believes the radioactive material recently found is most likely from another leak.
According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), it could take six months to a year to determine the full scope of the contamination. The NRC and county officials say there is no threat to the public. However, a spokesman for the NRC tells News 12 Westchester if the clean up isn't done carefully it could actually spread the contamination further.Related stories Indian Point owner assures public radioactive leak poses no danger Radioactive water leaking at Indian Point