Judge stops NYC from sending more migrants to Orange County until the city complies with state law

There is an exception for the 186 people already at two hotels in the county. 

News 12 Staff

Jun 22, 2023, 10:12 AM

Updated 341 days ago


More migrants to Orange County - until the city complies with state law.
Orange County says the judge handed out a preliminary injunction in the county's favor. Orange County offcials sought this injunction in early May when the migrants first arrived.
There is an exception for the 186 people already at two hotels in the county. 
The judge’s orders also allows Orange County officials to inspect the hotels where migrants are staying.
In addition, New York City officials must take care of housing, transportation and other services for all migrants here in the county until the court says they can stop. The city originally promised to pay for those services for four months, but the judge says, no, they must keep doing that indefinitely.
Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said in a statement that the migrant crisis must be resolved at the state and federal levels, and they need a better plan.
County Legislators Kevindaryan Lujan (D) and Genesis Ramos (D) have opposed the county executive's actions to keep migrants out of hotels.
"Not once has the county executive come to the table with solutions. Not once has he come to the table to try to collaborate. Not once has he offered anything except his fear mongering and executive orders," says Ramos.
Social workers stationed at hotels where migrants are staying have told the migrants not to speak to the media. However, migrants who spoke to News 12 off camera say they disagree with the ruling and wonder why their presence has created such an uproar.
The office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams released the following statement concerning the decision.
“As we’ve been saying for months, we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, having opened more than 170 emergency sites, including 11 large-scale humanitarian relief centers, to serve over 78,000 asylum seekers that have arrived in our city. Every day, we receive hundreds of additional asylum seekers and we are out of space. New York City has done and will continue to do its part, but we need counties, cities, and towns across the state to do their part as well, especially when New York City is willing to pay for shelter, food, and more. In most areas, including Orange County, we’re not even asking localities to help manage 1/4 of 1% of the asylum seekers that have arrived in New York City, and again with New York covering the costs. Many elected officials, community groups, and faith institutions have been overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic about welcoming these new arrivals to their cities and towns, despite the Orange county executive’s actions. We are grateful for the support of those willing to work with us and that of the many elected officials who know that new immigrants have been and will continue to grow local economies and enrich local communities. We are considering our legal options.”
The judge also said in her ruling that she wants both sides to work together on a solution to address the needs of all involved, writing that “Vitriol does not address resolution.”

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