Landlord faces fine after tenants spend 2 weeks without heat

A Yonkers landlord is facing a hefty fine after his tenants had to endure living in the frigid cold without heat.
Representatives for the company that manages the building on Highland Ave. appeared in Yonkers City Court Friday morning with documentation proving the heating problems have been fixed.
The people living at 7383 Highland Ave. in Yonkers say their apartments have slowly started to warm up after being without heat for two weeks.
The problem started back on New Year's Eve, when circulation pumps failed and there was no backup.
Dozens of the 129 low-income apartments were condemned because it was too cold inside while repairs were being made. Many tenants stayed at a hotel that the landlord Israel Roizman paid for.
Some people stayed using space heaters provided by Roizman.
The tenants association says the landlord is now promising to credit tenants for two months' rent, utility bills and food expenses incurred while staying at the hotel.
Even though the problem has been fixed, the management company is looking at $15,000 or more in fines.
A March 20 hearing has been set to determine exactly how much it will have to pay.