LI, Mamaroneck examiners try to connect leg, torso

Medical examiners on Long Island and in Mamaroneck are working together to see if two severed human legs belong to a female torso that was found earlier in March.
Investigators say a caretaker at a private Cove Neck beach on Long Island found a severed human leg in a trash bag Wednesday. The beach is owned by Cablevision President and CEO Charles Dolan. Cablevision is the parent company of News 12 Westchester. The leg was found one day after another severed leg and foot washed up on a beach in Cold Spring Harbor, also on Long Island.
Mamaroneck police say there is a good chance the body parts belong to a female torso that washed ashore in a suitcase four weeks ago. Until now, the only real clue to the identity of the torso was a cherry tattoo.
Cops say there are similarities in the body parts and they may belong to the same victim of a brutal murder.
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