Missing Oregon teens safe in New York, seeking help from Warwick police

News 12 is told the teens will be temporarily staying with Jonathan Stockle’s family in Warwick. 

Blaise Gomez

Dec 4, 2023, 6:09 PM

Updated 230 days ago


A nearly three-week ordeal involving two missing teens from Oregon who were on the run appears to be over now that they voluntarily turned themselves in to police in Warwick in hopes of getting help from authorities.
Jonathan Stockle, 18, and Penny Lyles, 15, left Astoria, Oregon on Nov. 14. The teens spoke to News 12 last Thursday in an exclusive phone interview and said they left after reporting abuse and safety concerns involving Penny Lyles’ father, Ryan Lyles, to the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office. The teens say despite showing Oregon authorities evidence of abuse, they were told to return to the Lyles residence where they both lived.
The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office said on their Facebook page that the teens, who have ties to Orange County, left after a family confrontation. They were listed as missing. Oregon authorities said in online posts that Jonathan Stockle, who is legally an adult but goes to school with Penny Lyles, is not in trouble. 
The teens were last spotted in Nevada where law-enforcement say Penny Lyles escaped the custody of a Child and Family Services transport that was bringing her back to Oregon.
Jonathan Stockle’s dad, Wayne Stockle, says he’s relieved to hear that the teens are now safe and receiving much-needed help. 
“Jonathan called me. They put him on the phone. He said he was safe and was with very nice people and they’re working everything out. I was driving to work and just had to pull over and stop,” says Wayne Stockle. “We just want to tell everybody thank you. Without you guys, it would not have happened. We were so scared.”
Wayne Stockle says the hope now is that Warwick police and Orange County Child Protective Services will investigate the teens' claims of abuse by Penny Lyles’ father.
Jonathan Stockle’s parents live in Missouri but his mother, Jessica Stockle, is from Orange County and the family has relatives in Warwick. 
Warwick Police Chief John Rader confirmed to News 12 this morning that the teens voluntarily turned themselves in but had no further comment about what’s next.
News 12 called Orange County Child Protective Services for information but they refused to comment. Calls to the Clatsop County District Attorney's Office and Oregon State Child Protective Services have not been returned.
News 12 reached out to Ryan Lyles on Monday.
"I suggest you pay close attention to facts here,” he said. “The Department of Human Resources [in Oregon] is recommending Penny goes home to her parents. I just spoke with them, and they will help me get her home. Maybe the story is groomer brainwashed 15-year-old child and trafficked her across state lines with full support of his family."
Ryan Lyles previously told News 12 that the teens ran away because they were afraid of being separated after Lyles planned to confront them about alleged drug use. He called allegations of abuse "lies."
The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office has not commented on or confirmed any allegations of abuse. They have not returned our repeated calls for information.
News 12 is told the teens will be temporarily staying with Jonathan Stockle’s family in Warwick. 

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