Orange County mom, baby among 20 confirmed measles cases in Orange County

A mother and her baby are now among the 20 confirmed cases of measles in Orange County.
Health Department officials confirmed Thursday that the mother and her infant were hospitalized with complications from the measles. Authorities say they are at an undisclosed facility outside of the county, for at least the past 24 hours.

Authorities would not comment on where the mother and child are from or their ages but did confirm that they were not vaccinated.
The confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus are now among 20 cases of measles in Orange County.
Officials say they are concerned about gatherings during Easter and Passover.
"We want to make sure people understand family members should be vaccinated. If there's someone not vaccinated in their household, they should encourage them not to join or partake in the festivities," says Orange County Deputy Commissioner of Health Christopher Ericson.
Orange County saw its first case of measles last fall. Officials urge anyone with symptoms to stay home and contact their doctor. They urge anyone who isn’t vaccinated to do so immediately.