More trouble for Al Pirro, as his wife Jeanine presses on during her attorney general campaign

(09/15/06) MANHATTAN - Al Pirro, husband of state Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro, received his second speeding ticket of the summer Thursday for going 51 miles per hour in a school zone.
Republican Jeanine Pirro responded to the ticket Friday at Grand Central Station, after MTA conductors and rail employees endorsed her as their candidate of choice. Pirro says that only one person is responsible for breaking traffic laws and that person is the driver. She also said her husband deserved the ticket and that nobody should ever speed, especially in a school zone.
The latest ticket follows a series of unflattering incidents surrounding the candidate's husband. Al Pirro was also pulled over for going nearly 100 miles per hour on Interstate-95 earlier this summer. Convicted in 2000 of federal tax fraud, last year mobsters alleged he leaked information about ongoing investigations while Jeanine Pirro served as Westchester County District Attorney.
In Democrat Andrew Cuomo's acceptance speech after winning Tuesday?s primary, he vowed to focus on the issues rather than his opponent?s personal life. The two face off in the November 7 general election.