Mother of 9/11 victim and Nyack native Welles Crowther visits Fieldstone Middle School in Thiells

A Rockland County school is honoring the memory of a Nyack native who bravely gave his life on Sept. 11 to save a dozen people.
Volunteer firefighter and equities trader Welles Crowther worked on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center and saved 12 people, losing his life at the ground floor lobby when the South Tower collapsed. His mother Alison now travels around the country, telling the 24-year-old's story at schools like Fieldstone Middle School in Thiells.
Crowther's family says they didn't know his story on Sept. 11 until months later when in the rubble, a red bandana he carried led to his identification. ESPN ran a documentary called "The Man in the Red Bandana," which his family now shows at every presentation they give.
Crowther's mother says her son's story gained interest worldwide after the documentary aired. She says you can look out into the crowd at every assembly to a sea of red bandanas being worn in his honor.
The Crowther family established the Welles Crowther Charitable Trust to help young people in pursuit of excellence.