Museum of Bronx History, walking tours by Bronx Historical Society offer glimpse into borough’s history

The Bronx is known for its diversity, culture and Yankee Stadium, but the borough also has a rich history.
The Museum of Bronx History on Bainbridge Avenue offers a glimpse into the borough's past. The landmark dates back to the 1700s, and was the Valentine Varian house, which was used as a fortress during the American Revolutionary War.
The Bronx County Historical Society also offers walking tours between $10 to $15 about three times a month.
The tours give residents a chance to visit historic landmarks and learn about local neighborhoods and how they made their mark in history.
The Bronx Historical Society will be hosting a walking tour of Marble Hill late next month.
Organizers say the public can expect to see lots of eye-catching architecture and a fascinating story about the Kingsbridge Armory.