Neighbor recalls progress of new Tappan Zee Bridge

Catherine McCue has been watching the progress on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge every day from her South Nyack apartment building right on the Hudson River.
McCue, who is the president of the Salisbury Point Cooperative and a South Nyack trustee, says the long journey started with a very bumpy road, including residents who initially got loud about the construction noise.
She says her complex was eventually able to make progress and effectively communicate with the Thruway Authority, the governor's office and with Tappan Zee Constructors. They received $1.3 million from the Community Benefits Fund for improvements, which she said made a big difference during the construction.
McCue says one of the major improvements was new windows for the complex to help block out the noise during the construction happening right outside.
"We came into our apartments and closed the door … we did not hear any construction and we lived in peace," she says.
McCue says she can’t wait to see the Rockland-bound span of the new bridge open this week.