New Hempstead man says windshield smashed on Thruway after something fell from overpass

A Rockland County man says his car was damaged while driving on the New York State Thruway Sunday after something fell on his vehicle.
The New Hempstead man, who wanted to remain anonymous, says he was driving south when something fell off the overpass near Exit 14B and smashed his windshield.
Officials say it may have been loose concrete.
The man says he and his 7-year-old son are fine, but he wants to make sure this doesn't happen again.
"My message is the politicians and the Thruway Authority need to inspect these overpasses, and they really need to make sure they're safe and in good condition. If not, they need to put some protection on them, underneath, and put some type of protection in case something happens like yesterday," he says.
News 12 reported last October that a passenger was hospitalized after a hammer was thrown off an overpass onto the Thruway.
"Our top priority is the safety of the traveling public," the Thruway Authority said to News 12. "Immediately after we were notified of the incident on Sunday afternoon, Thruway Authority maintenance crews responded to the scene. Aided by our traffic safety team, two lanes were closed so crews could thoroughly inspect the bridge, both above and below deck. They were able to remove some loose debris and we will continue to closely monitor the bridge."